1 Wake up early without care
2 Deep breaths out - within fresh air
3 Deep breathing in layer by layer
4 Squeeze half a lemon in some water
5 Eat a breakfast as you ought to
6 Hear world news but donít then worry
7 Plan the day so you wonít hurry
8 Meditate for half an hour
9 From the post you shouldínt cower
10 With radio off write that letter
11 Cut out the coffee Youíll feel better
12 If you smoke then break the habit
13 Beat your chest until you grab it
14 Have some fresh veg with your meal
15 Post those cards that have appeal
16 Choose presents that wonít last a year
17 Decorate your home with cheer
18 Be supportive if youíve kids
19 But donít get caught up in their bids
20 Donít travel much but see your friends
21 If you fall out make amends
22 If you work then just chill out
23 Visualise what lifeís about
24 Then Christmas Eve you wonít feel cheated
25 By Christmas spirit youíll be greeted